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TSEC provides evidence-based research on those who advocate violent and non-violent extremism which challenges Canadian values enshrined in the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada.




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How does one define the complex problem and identify actionable decisions in matters of  national security? Are you asking yourself the right questions about complex security, extremist and social/cultural problems?




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Practical policy prescriptive advice is required for feasible real-world actions and solutions.  Our work is based on actual cases,  court outcomes and international experience.  This is not about suppositions or theory.




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We provide access to readily available information, intelligence and assessments.  These can provide you with the information support you need to save you time and energy in an effective and accurate manner.



Latest Blog Entries on Extremism, Terrorism and Violence Against Women

Will the Quebec City Mosque Shooter be Charged with Terrorism?

Will the shooting at the Quebec City mosque of 29 January 2017 result in terrorism charges?

Political Decision

Three incidents around one mosque, including the final one of shooting attack of 29 January 2017, suggests a pattern of activity by an individual or group that has grievances with the Muslim Brotherhood. If the three incidents are connected by a police investigation through a single individual or group, then this is very close to the legal definition of terrorism. As such, it would seem logical that the alleged perpetrator should be charged with terrorism.

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“Journal de Quebec” Story of 2016 Suggests Quebec Mosque Targeted Because it was Muslim Brotherhood

In July of 2016, the Journal de Quebec ran an article which showed a pamphlet claiming that the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec (CCIQ) was a Muslim Brotherhood organization had been delivered in the neighborhood.

The mosque also had a series of other connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, most of which were publicly available to anyone with a computer and an Internet search engine like Google.

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Are Canada’s Islamists Calling the Shots? Government Petitioned to Silence Critics

Samer Majzoub from Quebec has initiated an official Government of Canada petition to the House of Commons. The sponsor of the petition is Liberal Member of Parliament Frank Baylis. The petition calls upon the government to condemn all forms of Islamophobia.

Samer Majzoub self identifies as being part of multiple Islamist (extremist) organization in Quebec, including the (in)famous Al-Rawdaw Mosque[1] and the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC). MAC itself states that they follow the teachings of Hassan Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood. ­­ If there was any doubt, a senior member of MAC, Dr. El-Tantawi Attia, made it clear when he stated: “Here we follow the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

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We are Canadians who are concerned about the role of extremism and terrorism in Canada.  We believe in the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada.  We believe that all people are equal before the law.  We believe that the issues of extremism and violence against women are closely linked through ideologies that are exclusionary, misogynistic, supremacist and regressive.  We take no foreign money, corporate money, no political party money or university money.  We believe that accurate, timely and solid intelligence analysis serves Canada, its allies and all of those who value the freedom of speech, thought and ideas.

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