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TSEC provides evidence-based research on those who advocate violent and non-violent extremism which challenges Canadian values enshrined in the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada.




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How does one define the complex problem and identify actionable decisions in matters of  national security? Are you asking yourself the right questions about complex security, extremist and social/cultural problems?




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Practical policy prescriptive advice is required for feasible real-world actions and solutions.  Our work is based on actual cases,  court outcomes and international experience.  This is not about suppositions or theory.




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Latest Blog Entries on Extremism, Terrorism and Violence Against Women

A License to Kill: The Phoenix Pay System and Shared Services Canada

In fictional life, super spy James Bond has a “Double O” rating which allows him to kill at his own discretion to accomplish the mission. In real life, bureaucrats can – and have – killed thousands as they carry on about their missions. Image source http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/licence-to-kill-1989   How can this happen?  Surely civil servants are held to some sort of standard which means massive failures are met with consequences? The answer is no. Simply put, civil servants, unlike the real world, work within the realm of process, not outcome.  They can have massive failures, but will get promoted if they can show they stayed within the “process” and “met their targets.”  The actual outcome of their work is not relevant to their pay and reward. What about Canada’s much maligned “Phoenix” pay system which has disrupted the lives of thousands?  No one has been fired and only one senior civil servant was “shuffled” into a new position – where they will continue to advise the department on the pay system!  In other words, no actual consequences. Image source from the Union of Environmental Workers http://www.uew-ste.ca/uew-news/problems-and-issues-with-phoenix-pay-system   Shared Services Canada is another example.  It is billions over budget and years behind schedule on even its relatively simple targets (the larger projects are another issue).   Yet no one ever seems to get fired.  To the contrary, senior staff continue to collect handsome bonuses while front line staff struggle with the unworkable mess.   The Killing Fields In the early 2000s, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom was under public pressure to improve emergency room waiting times.  The civil servants who run... read more

The Fall of ISIS – A Tactical Victory with Little Strategic Effect

The fall of ISIS will not have a major impact on the global struggle against violent extremism. It will be a tactical win which will generate little strategic effect. The strategic problem is the global struggle for the soul of Islam and the ever-growing wave of Islamist ideology. The source of most of this ideology is the Muslim Brotherhood, prominent in some 80+ countries around the world. If the ideology is not debunked and the source of it attacked, then tactical victories such as ISIS will be meaningless.

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The Global Muslim Brotherhood (Infographic – 81 Countries)

The Muslim Brotherhood, formed in Egypt in 1928, is a “deliberately opaque and habitually secretive” organization. “Both as an ideology and as a network it has been a rite of passage for some individuals and groups who have gone on to engage in violence and terrorism.” The Muslim Brotherhood believes in the extensive use of front groups, as has been directly articulated by leading individuals in the organization such as Zeid Noman. The policy and process of denial is deeply rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood, its front groups and other Islamists.

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Open Letter to the Minister of the Status of Women – Are Women Inferior to Men? Can They Be Sex Slaves?

The Honourable Patty Hajdu Minister of Status of Women House of Commons, Ottawa   Dear Minister Hajdu, According to the Mandate Letter from Prime Minister Trudeau, your our overarching goal will be to “ensure government policy, legislation, and regulations are sensitive to the different impacts that decisions can have on men and women.”  Additionally, the mandate letter refers to the importance of a “comprehensive federal gender violence strategy.” It is noted with concern that the Government of Canada, including the Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, regular interact with organization that openly advocate violent misogynistic polices. In April of 2016, for instance, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent greetings to the Council of Imams at their annual dinner and commended the Imams of their many years of service to the country.  At this meeting, Minister John McCallum received an award for his outstanding service from the same organization. Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi is the Chairperson of Canadian Council of Imams.  He was also recently elected as the Emir (President) of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).  The ICNA openly advocates violence against women and advocates a variety of policy which are openly misogynistic.  The syllabus of learning from the ICNA, advocates, among other that: Women are inferior to men Wife beating is permissible Owning slave girls should be legal A Muslim wife must obey her husband when he calls her to bed “Sex slaves” are permissible in certain circumstance Pregnant adulteress to be stoned after giving birth Other key points of the ICNA syllabus are that hell is largely full of women and that Islam is totally... read more





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We are Canadians who are concerned about the role of extremism and terrorism in Canada.  We believe in the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code of Canada.  We believe that all people are equal before the law.  We believe that the issues of extremism and violence against women are closely linked through ideologies that are exclusionary, misogynistic, supremacist and regressive.  We take no foreign money, corporate money, no political party money or university money.  We believe that accurate, timely and solid intelligence analysis serves Canada, its allies and all of those who value the freedom of speech, thought and ideas.

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