Despite what the politicians say, the report at this link and below details the degree to which Islamist extremist ideology exists in Canadian mosques, schools and other institutions.  This issue is not just that extremist ideology exists in the libraries and schools – the issue is that there is nothing but extremist literature in many cases. 

The authors are both experts in the field. One is a Muslim who has researched and written extensively on the issue of extremism in Islam. The other has significant national and international experience in intelligence and is a court qualified expert on Islamist terrorism in both criminal and civil court.

They have been able to enter into various organizations and record or review the extremist ideology. Open source intelligence and social media analysis round out the material to demonstrate the widespread nature of the problem.

Many politicians (and others) still attempt to convince Canadians that no extremism exists in Canadian mosques. They have publicly announced it is racist or Islamophobic to believe that. Is it possible that Canadian politicians are deliberately lying to the population about the threat of Islamist extremism in Canada?  Have the forces of political correctness and cultural relativism captured them so completely they are unable to speak?

However, this report reveals multiple, real world cases of extremist ideology being spread in Canada.  By reading this report, you have evidentiary  proof that the problem is real.  Denial is no longer an option.

The sword photo is a reference to Abū Sulaymān Khālid ibn al-Walīd ibn al-Mughīrah al-Makhzūmī. He was a companion of the Prophet Mohamed and was also known as “The Drawn Sword” due to his military skills.